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Welcome to Protech Security Services Inc

Are you in need of a security patrol officer in San Francisco, CA. We at ProTech Security Services Inc. have an amazing workforce of competent, well trained officers that will be key in protecting your valuables, property and most importantly your lives.

With each officer being a direct representative of ProTech Security Services Inc, we maintain constant contact with all of our officers, and training them in a manner that will fully understand every fine detail of the task that they are being assigned to.

We believe that foresight and prevention is the most effective tool in security, rather preventing incidents before they happen as opposed to having to act in a crisis.  Be believe that it is better to have a plan without a crisis, than a crisis with no plan, and will always ensure that officers have well planned out responses to any given scenario.

We are always endeavoring to stay abreast of the latest technological advances that will enable us to better serve and protect you, while at the same time looking for ways to reduce security costs to our clients.

Whether you need a security officer for you high-rise building, waiting room, parking garage or business, we offer the best service available. We deal with both commercial and residential properties, and will design a customized security plan to suit your very specific need.   

ProTech Security Services Inc. has  a 24 hour a day supervisory structure that enhances the productivity and professionalism of all of our officers, and completely support our officers in delivering the most comprehensive service possible.  We offer services to both short-term and long-term security contracts.

Give us a call at ProTech Security Services Inc. to consult with one of our security experts. We offer degree of service that is unmatched, professional and reliable.