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Protech Security Services Inc

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At ProTech Security Services Inc. our goal is to provide outstanding security service to the folk of San Franciso, CA that including the East Bay and Oakland.  Our company began in 1994 by our founder Sergio Reyes, and has steadily grown into the trusted, reliable company that it is today.

We believe that each and every individual security officer at ProTech Security Services Inc. forms the foundation and the back bone of the company, and pledge to train our security officers to be the best representatives of ProTech Security Services Inc, to enable them to provide complete and comprehensive service to all of our clients.  

At At ProTech Security Services Inc, our objective is to take charge of the role of Security Manager. We will take responsibility for staffing, training, supervision,  payroll, benefits and reporting of security officers. We will advise our clients as to how to take measures to protect their valuable assets, property and lives. Many of our clients have been with us for five years, and have built a confidence and trust in At ProTech Security Services Inc. that they find truly unique.  

We are always endeavoring to improve on standards and techniques, and are always staying current with the latest technological advances in the security industry. We have a proven track record of reliability, and believe in a value-added form of security that is defined as the ability to foresee and prevent problems before they arise, thereby diminishing the use of valuable resources.

We have managed to maintain a consistent workforce of security offers at ProTech Security Services Inc., with most of our officers having been with us for more than four ears, and 20% for six years. We respect our officers, and take time to listen to their concerns and input.  We hold our officers in high esteem, and believe that good communication and honesty is the cornerstone to any good working relationship.