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With the expanse of residential and commercial high-rise buildings in the area, more and more landlords and business owners seek the services of a reliable high rise security officer in San Francisco, CA.

ProTech Security Services Inc will offer comprehensive high-rise packages that will take care of every security aspect that may arise. From lobby security to parking garage patrol, we are equipped with the manpower and innovative technology to take care of the job.

When you call us at ProTech Security Services Inc for an appointment with one of our security professionals, he will come out to your site and do a comprehensive assessment of your premises, and offer you the very best security solution for that specific job.

Our goal at ProTech Security Services Inc is to identify all possible threats that may compromise the safety of the premises. We will utilize the most state of the art equipment available that will not only offer the very best service, but also help you cut security costs through measures that are effective. We believe it is more cost effective to invest in a proactive, preventative approach than to have to outlay for damage control and loss.

Trust ProTech Security Services Inc to protect high value items such as jewellery, firearms, coins and anything else that is of value. We will afford you the peace of mind that you need in knowing that your premises is well protected secure.

Some of our security officers at ProTech Security Services Inc will serve in the capacity of a body guard, offering executive protection to certain residents as needed. We are experts in transportation, and will safely transport or escort our clients in high risk situations.  

Call us at ProTech Security Services Inc, where we can provide a full security package or and individual high rise security officer in San Francisco, CA.