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Are you a landlord or property investor looking for the most reliable, efficient lobby security in San Francisco, CA? Do you need complete 24 hour surveillance over your premises? Perhaps there has been a few incidents of criminal mischief or theft in the area, and you want to heighten security measures to better protect your tenants and their property from outside threat. Look no further than ProTech Security Services Inc, the trusted name in security, no matter how big or how small the need.

At ProTech Security Services Inc, we will provide lobby security for any property of size. We have armed and unarmed security officers available as the need dictates. We offer services to small businesses in and out of business hours, as well as added lobby security for apartments and condos, monitoring and taping all visitors entering and exiting the building.

Perhaps you are in need of a waiting room security officer in San Francisco. ProTech Security Services Inc will provide the perfect candidate for the task that is both professional and level headed. We offer around the clock watch to condos, offices and apartment complexes.

We offer the best in innovative technology and security training, equipping our officers with all the skills and knowledge needed for the task. We have a 24/7 supervisory structure that ensures constant contact with all of our officers, allowing heightened `performance on the job. With our services at ProTech Security Services Inc, we will specialize in loss prevention, rather adopting a proactive, preventative approach that is more cost effective than damage control.

Allow us to properly assess your premises. We will minimize vulnerabilities by targeting potential problem areas and properly planning the tasking to suit the specific needs of you our valued customer.  Give us a call at ProTech Security Services Inc to set up an appointment with one of our experts now.